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5 Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Food Processing Machines

Updated: 7 days ago

Moisture, grease, dust, adhesive residues - the enemy of every production plant. In the food industry, even in the end-of-line area, dirt deposits on machines are sometimes unavoidable. 5 tips on how to keep your machines in good condition and thus ensure high plant availability and a long service life.

1. REGULAR STAINLESS STEEL MAINTENANCE Stainless steel components can be easily and effectively maintained. Moisten a cloth with water and regularly wipe stainless steel components on the outside with it. Then dry the wiped areas with a dry cloth. This is the easiest way to prevent dust and grease deposits.

2. YOUR PLANT SHINES IN A NEW LIGHT For those who want a little more, Niragal is the perfect solution. Apply it sparingly to stainless steel surfaces and rub the emulsion with a cloth.

3. AIR PRESSURE NOT ONLY HELPS AGAINST DUST DEPOSITS Air pressure is perfect for cleaning the paper paths of the labelling modules. Label paper guides, deflection rollers and the winding and unwinding device can thus be optimally cleaned of dust. This measure guarantees a trouble-free paper transport.

4. REMOVE ADHESIVE RESIDUES FROM LABELS REGULARLY Adhesive residues from labels are not only unattractive, but in the long run even influence the running performance of your system. Remove adhesive residues easily and quickly with the ESPERA label remover "SOLVENT". This cleaning agent removes label residues from all machine surfaces without leaving any residue.

5. REGULAR CLEANING OF THE THERMAL HEAD Thermo-strips are consumables. Nevertheless, the service life can be increased by regular maintenance. The ESPERA cleaning set for thermo strips is the optimal solution for this. The set contains a small spatula through which the liquid is applied to the thermo strip soaked in the specially developed cleaning fluid. The liquid dries by itself without leaving any residue.


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